Ethiopian Catholic Church Social and Development Commission Coordinating Office of Harar
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Hararghe Catholic Secretariat head office is located in front of :
Ethiopian Revenues & Customs Authority Dire Dawa Lagare Custom Center 
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History of Apostolic Vicariate of Harar

The current Apostolic Vicariate of Harar was part of the Vicariate of Oromo, which was erected in 1846 within the territory covering former provinces of Hararghe, such as Arsi, Bale, Showa and Sidamo under the Bishop Massaia. The second bishop Msgr.Turin Cahagne consecrated as vicar of Oromo in 1879, followed by the Bishop Andreas Jarosseau (1882­-1937). The Vicariate Apostolic of Harar was erected by the Apostolic constitution "Quo in Aethiopia" March 25,1937 with territory detached from the Vicariate Apostolic of the Oromo. The jurisdiction was reduced to provinces of Hararghe, Bale and Arsi.

Bishop Andreas is known for the expansion of pastoral and development activities. It was during this period that the first congregation of St. Mary Immaculate was founded in Harar. In addition, the leprosy center St. Antony, the vocational school of Bisrate Gebriel and the first printing press in Ethiopia St. Lazar were established. Msgr. Leyon Ossola (1938-1951) served the Apostolic Vicariate as a Bishop starting from January 1938. The next Bishop was Msgr. Urban Perrson who administered the apostolic Vicariate from his seat in Nazareth town. During this period the jurisdiction of the Apostolic Vicariate of Harar was limited to provinces of Hararghe and East Showa after the establishment of Meki vicariate. After Msgr. Urban retired, Abba Dr. Ayele Teklehaimanot administered the apostolic Vicariate as Vicar General. The current Bishop Msgr, Woldetensae G/Ghiorghis administered the Vicariate for five years as vicar general. Later on, he was consecrated as the Bishop of Apostolic Vicariate of Harar in 1993. He is currently serving  the apostolic Vicariate of Harar in collaboration with twelve Diocesan Priests, thirteen Capuchin Fathers and one OFM Cap.Deacon,one Salessian Father, 5 Oblate Sisters, 6 Heart of Jesus Christ (Maltasisters.) 7 Capuchin Sisters, 5 Franciscan Sisters, 6 St. Mary of the Angel's Sisters, 15 Missionary of Charity Sisters & 45 Catechists.

 St.Mary Church-Harar

The Apostolic Vicariate of Harar set up Hararghe Catholic Secretariat/Ethiopian Catholic Church Social and Development Coordinating Office of Harar (HCS/ECC-SDCOH) in 1987, in order to respond to emergency needs of the local communities in line with social equity expressed in the mission statement. Since then, the relationship with the communities and authorities has developed into mutual communication, understanding, and co-operation, leading the office to become one of the most dynamic organizations in the region.

Evolution of the HCS/ECC-SDCOH

Over the past 23 years the people-centered program has achieved a great deal in terms of saving lives and livelihoods, rehabilitation and sustainable development. The programme's evolution has been marked by increased institutional response capacity in terms of logistics, staff, financial resource, reliable/consistent donor partners, good reputation and diverse experiences. These have resulted in more people being reached, and in increased number of projects in different sectors, immediate response to immediate emergency and development needs. In early 2000s the organization has undergone a dynamic organizational development. There is substantial improvement in the quality of program planning and implementation which strengthens our capacity to undertake effective social and pastoral work, and developing partnerships with our donor-partners.